My interest in photography started at a very young age when I was given a tiny cartridge film camera. I started photography seriously at art college in 1987, mainly working with 35mm black and white film and printing my own images but also some studio and location shooting during a product design degree course. I started shooting semi-professionally in 1999 whilst working as a graphic designer from where an interest exploded into a total obsession: I turned full-time professional in 2003. My photographic artworks are in private and corporate collections and my image of Skye (V2ML10) won a Commendation in ‘Take a View’ UK Landscape Photographer of the Year 2008 and my image of NWT Holme Dunes (V4N11) was shortlisted in the 2010 competition. Thirteen of my images won Honourable Mentions in the International Photography Awards 2012.

Artwork clients include many NHS Trusts, The Crown Estate, Aviva, BMI Healthcare, Warwick Business School, Nuffield Health, Pizza Express, Holiday Inn, Land Securities, Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, Westminster, Institution of Engineering and Technology, and Q Hotels. About 8 million people see my work on the walls of public and private buildings in Britain every year.

My images are licensed via several stock libraries. Images are licensed directly to many interior designers, architects and manufacturers for interior projects and products who find that the super-high resolution of my panoramic images in particular work very well at large sizes on walls.

I use a Phase One IQ260 digital back with Mamiya and Cambo cameras and Rodenstock and Schneider lenses often stitched to create super-high resolution single or gigapixel panoramic images. I also use the Sony A7RIV for quicker shots and for longer telephoto work. Tripods are a Gitzo 2 series levelling and a 5 series with a panorama head. Bags are by Think Tank and Lowepro, filters are mainly Lee.

My Approach

I intend all my images to be seen at large sizes on walls - they are artworks and, for the most part, the bigger they are printed, the better. I want people to be overwhelmed by my images, just as I'm often overwhelmed when I take them. The images of nature have been very carefully shot to exclude the human intrusions which often appear in typical stock and tourist photography and which can date an image very quickly.

My images are not designed to provoke controversy, but to provide harmony in the environments in which they appear. They transmit a powerful, radiant quality and work in homes, healthcare, commercial and leisure environments, relaxing and uplifting people.

The most important qualities of any image appearing in one of my collections are BEAUTY, HAPPINESS and REALITY. Not the beauty or happiness in consumer culture and not the day-to-day reality of Western civilisation but a bright, radiant, peaceful and Happy condition, a condition that can easily be found in the natural world but which seems more and more absent from the human world.

Apart from some instinctive understanding, the main reason I am able to perceive this about the natural world is due to the Blessing and Wisdom of my Spiritual Teacher Adi Da Samraj (, to whom I owe a huge debt of gratitude. This work is dedicated to magnifying His Blessing, which is only benign, only loving and only peaceful.

"True art heals. True art restores equanimity. Art must regenerate the sense of well-being. That is its true purpose. When art is really useful, it serves this ultimate process of healing, well-being, higher sympathy, and Spiritual Awakening."

The Avataric Great Sage Adi Da Samraj

Last word: I couldn't do what I do without my wife and business partner Alison. Someone has to keep me organised and nourished - I'm grateful to her for that and for her invaluable human, creative and business input.

Richard Osbourne